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Community & Economic Development

About Community & Economic Development

The Community & Economic Development Department reviews and issues building, land use permits, administers the Phoenix Land Development Code, and provides staff support to the Planning Commission, City Council, and administers various long-range community development plans.


Planning Department

The Planning Department provides information to the general public and the development community on the City's land use policies, Comprehensive Plan, and Statewide Planning goals. It implements the plans through the daily application of the Land Development Code, which involves the processing of a variety of land use applications ranging from zoning clearances, subdivisions to variances.


Building Department

The City of Phoenix Building Department is a a full-service building permit office providing permitting, plan review and inspections for all phases of construction on commercial and residential properties inside the city limits of Phoenix.

The City contracts with an independent certified contractor for building plan review, building inspection, and permit services.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Planning & Building Mission Statement

The Community & Economic Development Department is responsible for many different things, but to put it as simply as possible, it is responsible for the review and issuance of building and land use permits as well as the preparation of long-range plans. In the execution of its duties, the Department will

  • Vigorously serve the public interest by applying the highest level of professional expertise, skill, and critical thinking.
  • Always pursue planning that achieves excellence in the design and experience of the built environment; protects and responsibly manages natural resources and systems for generations to come; ensures a high quality of life for the people of Phoenix; welcomes new people, businesses, and ideas.
  • Assist and advise land-use decision-making using best practices and sound planning methods.
  • Actively work to educate the public through the communication of the most accurate, comprehensive, and thorough information available to the department.
  • Respectfully listen to differing points of view and work collaboratively with diverse stakeholders to resolve disagreement to the mutual benefit of all parties, whenever possible.
  • Consistently review land use permit applications in a transparent, consistent, thoughtful, and timely manner.
  • Continuously review and improve department practices, processes, and procedures.
  • Always execute our responsibilities in an ethical and professional manner.

Community & Economic Development Contact Information

Joe Slaughter
Community & Economic Development Director

Cell: (541) 951-1971
Office: (541) 535-2050 Ext. 316
Fax: (541) 535-5769

Zac Moody
Planning Manager

Cell: (541) 951-3012
Office: (541) 535-2050 Ext. 313
Fax: (541) 535-5769

Lori Clark
Building/Planning Aide

Cell: (541) 951-5406
Office: (541) 535-2050 Ext. 315
Fax: (541) 535-5769

Office Hours
Tuesday and Thursday

By Appointment only